Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Tactical Motifs

Great examples and descriptions of common tactical motifs can be found at ChessTempo's Tactical Motifs.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


ChessTempo adds Endgames

Richard over at ChessTempo has added endgames. There are two modes: Theory and Practice. I prefer the practice. It looks to be a great way to practice your endgame tactics. The number of problems you can tackle per day is limited by your membership level:
Basic members receive an initial 10 problems and are then limited to 2 endgame problems a day. Silver members receive 20 problems a day and Gold members can do an unlimited number of endgame problems each day.
A good deal at any level but it did prompt me to upgrade my silver membership to gold.

Update: Something that I knew but that these problems demonstrate is that I am lousy at Queen vs. Rook endgames. It is not uncommon in practice and four of my misses have been in that category out of, I think, five attempts. Here is a screenshot with my current (but temporary) position atop the new Practice category at ChessTempo.


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