Sunday, August 17, 2008


Combinations 08.08.17

Morphy-de Riviere Paris 1863.

"To this day Morphy is an unsurpassed master of the open games. Just how great was his significance is evident from the fact that after Morphy nothing substantially new has been created in this field. Every player- from beginner to master- should in this praxis return again and again to the games of the American genius." ~ Mikhail Botvinnik
In this game Morphy will twice remove a defender of the g5 square and then twice setup a skewer of the c7 square.


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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Combinations 08.08.05

Morphy-Ware, New York simul 1859 at knight odds.

A pawn at at f7 is pinned to the king. Then a rook at f7 is pinned to the king. Later there is a threat of pinning the rook at f7 along the other diagonal to the queen. Finally, Morphy removes the guard at h6 to win material and simplify to a won ending.

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