Sunday, May 25, 2008


ChessFlash PGN Viewer Test

(Updated July 8, 2008 to use the latest. Updated June 3, 2008 to use V0-046. Updated June 3, 2008 to use the latest version of the viewer and different colors. The left board was green and the right board was red.)

This is a test to check embedding this viewer and using it in different browsers. The game is mine against Polly in the recent LEPer tournament.

The viewer is live. Click the buttons, click the moves in the text area. Experiment -- it should mostly make sense.


The green board is for viewing the main line and the red board is for viewing variations (click a variation move in the text area to load it in the red board). A number of new features are planned including "tabbing" the variations board to select among parallel variations.

Adobe Flash 9 is required. If you can see the viewer, any feedback is appreciated. If you can't see it in your browser, please let me know.
Update: A bug has been found and fixed: at the end of the game or at the end of a variation the "Side to Move Indicator" (black or white box at bottom right of the board) was incorrect.

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