Monday, June 09, 2008


Smarter Scrolling, Tab Mode Change, Focus Change

Updated June 23 to use the latest version of the viewer.
Some changes based on BDKs feedback: a) The focus button now goes *around* the button instead of obscuring it, b) scrolling is smarter (both forwards and backwards) and c) the start button's appearance is improved.

Also, now in single board mode with the variations tab enabled, the main line shows up as a tab. Don't know what that means? Play through this game to move 8 and then move 9. See the "variation tabs" to the top right of the board? Try clicking them and see what happens...

Download PGN

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Saturday, June 07, 2008



Updated July 8 to use the latest version of the viewer.
This is an interesting game I played against Master Mansour "Mick" Bighamian in 2002. I played quite well, until I started winning....

The game is shown in the ChessFlash PGN Viewer with two boards and tabbed variations on the second board. Click the arrow keys below the boards to navigate. Or, an arrow with the "focus" (yellow box) can be played by pressing the space bar. When primary variations are encountered they will appear as tabs on the second board. Click the tab to view the variation(s) on the second board.

Download PGN | Enlarge Viewer

Update: Publishing with width=100% and height=100% (was w=100%, h=500 pixels). That did not work at all in IE7 (viewer did not display) but worked well in FireFox 3. Ok, now trying w=100% and h=90%. About the same result. Trying...width=100% and height=550 seems to be the biggest I can make the viewer that works for me in both IE7 and FF3 on my laptop and still have the viewer fit in a single screen.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008


More PGN Viewer

Updated June 23 to use latest version.
I made these colors match my blogger template after the complaints about my previous red and green "christmas theme". Now, I expect complaints about my blogger template colors. :) The layout demos a "compact layout." The layout options and colors are specifed as parameters in the html that embeds the viewer (take a look at the page source if you are interested in the gory details).


A scrollbar has been added! Yeah!
The game is my game against Kevin Gafni in the recent LEPer tourney. He won the tournament and this game. I played the opening pretty well but went astray around move 26 when I was surprised by his Rd4 (I'd overlooked that he could play it). I may have played on a bit too long but with two rooks on there were some chances... (analysis by Fritz)

Feedback on the game and the viewer are welcome!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Round 1: Tournament of LEPers

You can start by reading Polly's post and the post at Liquid Egg Product with this round's pairings. Tom vs. Polly was a wild sac-fest.

I played gorckat last night in our Round 1 encounter.

I am rated quite a bit higher but he had some chances and I was concerned for a while that my winning chances were small. The game was a Pirc and I inadvertently varied from my opening preparation because, well... some of the lines in the Pirc are hard to distinguish and trying to remember them is like I am in a "little maze of twisting passages, all different."

You can play through the game here with analysis courtesy of Fritz.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007


ICC Blitz #6 and #7

This post is games 6 and 7 in the series looking at 11 of my recent ICC blitz games. The 11 games with light Fritz analysis are: here. These are the two games against lands and were both fairly short and easy victories.

In the first one (lands-GlennWilson) the time control is 1 3. I play a Pirc and get a comfortable position from the opening although White does have a space advantage:

After 18. Nxf4:

Black to move and win.

In the second game (GlennWilson-lands) the time control is 3 1. We play a Danish Gambit/Goring Gambit. After 7. Bxe6 fxe6:

What should White play here? (It is a standard manuever in this opening).

Just a couple moves later, after 10.Qc8+ Kf7:

Black to move and win.

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Friday, October 26, 2007


ICC Blitz #4

This is game 4 in the series looking at 11 of my recent ICC blitz games. These games were the most recent 11 in my database when I decided to examine my blitz play. The 11 games with light Fritz analysis are: here. Today's game is #4 from the bottom in the list of games at that link: GoldPawner - GlennWilson. The time control is 1 3. Fritz hands out lots of question marks for both sides in this game.

The game starts with a Pirc move order and morphs into a standard open game (double king pawn) type of position. My position is great after the opening phase:

We both castle queenside. Around move 25 I win a piece but it opens the a-file that my opponent is poised to use. After 28. ...Ne2?? we have:

White to move; mate in 11 according to Fritz. But you don't have to see it is mate to see a very strong move for White that Black is practically forcing.

Was it bad "positional judgment" to open the a-file? Or, did I just mis-play the resulting tactics? Was winning the piece bad or good? Was it good but too dangerous?

Instead of 28. ...Ne2 I could have played Rfe8 attacking the Queen with at least a draw. I saw that during the game but wanted more. Sometimes more is not an option.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


ICC Blitz #3

Like the other posts in the series, the games can be found on the sidebar as the first link in the top box under games archives: ICC Misc Sept-Oct 2007. This post is looking at game # 3 (3 from the bottom in the list once you get to the games archive) : JuanCarrill0 - GlennWilson. Today's game is the first we are looking at in which I lose. The selected eleven games are just the most recent ICC Blitz games I had played when I started this series.

Blitz Strategy
First a digression on blitz strategy. This post by temposchlucker led me to where one can find in Live Blitz Game # 78 the observation that The Pirc is very difficult to play in blitz games . It is cramped and requires patience and careful defense. Perhaps it is not the best choice for blitz? I'll have to consider that as I play the Pirc in blitz.

Like today's game. Technically, I guess it is not a Pirc (?) but it starts off with a Pirc move order. I'm fine after the opening:

White sac's a piece for an attack; does not follow through correctly; I defend and get to a winning position (I'm up a piece and White has nothing). It is Black's move in the diagram below:

What is Black's best move here? Not a combination but just good, simple chess. Can you guess what I played here (not the best move)?

I lost this game. Why? Ok, the tactical error at the end. But, am I asking for that kind of trouble by playing the Pirc in blitz?

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


ICC Blitz

My rating at ICC is currently about the mid 1500s. My personal best there is 1699 on June 12, 2007. I only play blitz and generally 1 3 (one minute for the game plus 3 seconds per move). I often pay no attention to my ICC rating but I have decided I should try to raise my rating to a new personal best. My last 11 ICC games are on the sidebar or at this link. These have been lightly analyzed by Fritz.

My intent is to look at these 11 games closer for clues on how to improve my results at this ICC time control. The things I think I already know are 1) actually knowing openings can help a lot at blitz and 2) I need to work on my time management: keep point 3 from this post from BDK in mind. I hope that posting my embarassing low rating (compared to my USCF correspondence Master rating and USCF OTB Expert rating) should motivate me to improve my ICC blitz rating.

The third thing I need to work on is arrogance (a variation on playing the board not the rating from BDK's post above). I think I am better than my rating there. I am playing opponents near that rating so I think I am better than them. I tend to think there is no trouble I can get into that I can't find a way out of. I just realized that I may be doing that. Hmm....

Let's look closer at the first of these games: Misschess-GlennWilson Sept 22, 2007. I was black, the opening is a Pirc. I have the advantage after the opening. There follows tactics on the g-file far too complicated to follow (especially at blitz). I am fortunate and win.

Here is the final position; White lost on time here. Black has nasty threats based on discovered checks. What is White's best defense in this position? What should Black do against that best defense?

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Saturday, September 01, 2007


My Opening Repertoire

My general thoughts on the opening are in Simple Chess Opening Guidelines.

As Black I play 1...d6. This can become a Pirc, a King's Indian or a Moron. See Simple Opening Repertoire for Black: The King's House.

As White I play 1. e4 and often use the e4d4 repertoire.

Lately, against 1...e5 I play the Danish Gambit or Goring Gambit.

Against the Sicilian I play the Ken Smith Gambit, also known as the Smith-Morra Gambit. :-) A great story about the SMG: In fact, when Mario Campos Lopez played the French Defense (1...e6) instead of the Sicilian against Smith, Bent Larsen gave Lopez's move a question mark along with the comment "stronger is 1...c5 which wins a pawn".(WikiPedia).

I'll also play the King's Indian Attack (this is The King's House approach as White) against the Sicilian, French or Caro-Kann.

In Blitz I'll play the Wilson Gambit against 1....d5.

Sometimes I play the Panov Botvinnik attack against the Caro-Kann. Sometimes I play an Advance against the French.

I used to play the King's Gambit but that just requires too much preparation. As white I have very little preparation required by sticking to openings with simple ideas. As Black I know the Moron, KID and Pirc well enough to make it to the middlegame.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007


HCC Saturday July 28, 2007

I played my first USCF rated games in over four years yesterday. I signed up for the first two rounds of the HCC Saturday Open with a third round bye. I scored 2 points in the two rounds I played. The tournament crosstable and results are here.

In both games I played a "novelty" in the opening. That is not always a good thing. The games are here and in the navigation bar under HCC July 28, 2007 with some analysis by Fritz.

In my game with Jim Polomsky I was pretty much lost in the opening but saw an opportunity to create complications and pressure and got lucky. But then I let up and almost let the game slip away.

In my game with George Fan I had a critical decision at move seven. This was the hardest move of the game for me to find. What should Black do here?

Here is another position from later in the same game. Black has a forcing maneuver that improves the position of his pieces and creates powerful threats. Do you see it?

In my game with Jim Polomsky I was winning with this position. Can he win my Bishop at h7? I did not play the best move here. What is White's best?

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