Saturday, July 28, 2007

Learning Chess: The Rules 

You're going to learn how to play chess or help someone else learn. Where do you start? You start with the basics: the board, the names of the pieces and the rules of the game. A great book for children for this purpose is "Chess Rules for Students" by John Bain. You can get it from Chess for Students. For older children or adults Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess has a section at the beginning that covers the rules. There are many introductory chess texts but these are two I am familiar with and can recommend.

If you are reading this online you have access to some excellent online resources. Two of my favorites for teaching the chess basics are The Magic Theatre and Chess Kids Academy. They both go beyond just the rules and are fun and interactive. These two are free and available right now. Click 'em and take a look. Go ahead, we'll wait.

So which should you choose? That probably depends on the age and aptitude of the student. A variety of materials and media helps keep things interesting. Of course, if an experienced parent or teacher or sibling or friend or coach is involved that can help dramatically. On the other hand, a motivated 9 year old can certainly learn the rules from these resources.

Have fun!