Thursday, May 29, 2008


More PGN Viewer

Updated June 23 to use latest version.
I made these colors match my blogger template after the complaints about my previous red and green "christmas theme". Now, I expect complaints about my blogger template colors. :) The layout demos a "compact layout." The layout options and colors are specifed as parameters in the html that embeds the viewer (take a look at the page source if you are interested in the gory details).


A scrollbar has been added! Yeah!
The game is my game against Kevin Gafni in the recent LEPer tourney. He won the tournament and this game. I played the opening pretty well but went astray around move 26 when I was surprised by his Rd4 (I'd overlooked that he could play it). I may have played on a bit too long but with two rooks on there were some chances... (analysis by Fritz)

Feedback on the game and the viewer are welcome!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008


LEP Tourney

I have finished all of my games in the Liquid Egg Product Tournament and I think I finished in a tie for second with about half the field. Congratulations to drunknknite who won with an dominating performance.

All of my games in the event are here. My win against gorckat ultimately did not count as he withdrew from the tournament.

My game with Polly (ppwchess) is especially interesting for me but not for the objective chess content. Play over the game and watch the movements throughout the game of my minor pieces. My queen's bishop traveled c8-d7-c6-b7-c8! My queen's knight journeyed b8-c6-e7-g8! My king's bishop moved f8-g7-f8!

Thanks to our host and sponsor Liquid Egg Product. I buy all of my Liquid Egg Product from Donnie (and you should too!).


Sunday, April 06, 2008


Working Knights

What have the Knights been up to lately? Here are very brief excerpts from the posts of Knights Errant in the Heat of Battle that have posted since March 8. Visit their blogs for more details!

Sir Kaan Kara My second quest is 40k problems in chess tactics server.

Silver King I just finished section 2 of TCT completing my warm up.

Sir Augusto I'm doing the routine, (Finish level 10 in two days) playing some blitz and trying to play some slow with Fritz, but I always play quickly.

Sir Miklos After I had tp return my tactics book to the library, I've gone back to CTS, like many other knights.

Sir Sparfy just got the leningrad dutch book by some german guy in english. hmmm...

Sir Nemo So it's that time again; I've finished the second circle in this lovely tactical foray!

Haunted Knight Last night I played David Brown for the first time, in round 6 of the Derbyshire Individual. I was expecting to get smashed early on as he is much higher rated, but...

Chessaholic I have been playing around with the Trompowsky a bit lately, and this is a position from a recent game....

Retired Pawn Teaching our children how to think is what chess in education is all about.

...and then there's me. Here's a brief update:
Tacticus Maximus (me) I quit my job of 10+ years. I lost to drunknknite in the LEPer tourney. I bought Silman's Complete Endgame Course because of BDK. I'll post more about me soon. :)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


LEP Round 5

Double Ouch! Two short rounds ago I was 3-0 in the LEP Tourney and now I am 3-2. In my two losses my opponents have played well and deserved the win. This round five loss was to the tourney sponsor. What can I learn about me (naturally, it's all about me) from my losses to improve in the future?

Black to move

What I "intended" may be best and consolidates and wins. Yeah, black will have to pay attention, watch the two bishops, avoid checkmate and repetition but this is winning. Black is up the exchange, has a better pawn structure and White's attack has stalled. But, I (black) blundered here and lost. What did I do? All of my games in this tournament can be replayed in your browser here.

This mistake was due to moving based on a hypothetical future position I was analyzing instead of the actual current position. It is a type of mistake I used to make frequently but have not made in OTB play for a long time. Is this bad habit slipping back into my play or has this always been more of an issue for me with online games? I'm not sure ...

My round 4 loss against RLP was due to executing a bad plan. Overall, I think that is a harder problem to address.

Blunder or the wrong plan? Which is worse? At least I think that correcting the blunder problem in the future is likely to be easier than formulating better plans. What do you think?

Improving at chess requires brutal honesty about one's strengths and weaknesses. I am just scratching the surface here and being somewhat facile about the weakness in my play. But it's a start.


Saturday, March 08, 2008


LEP Round 4

Ouch! Yeah, I know I played a provocative and unorthodox opening. But that is not what cost me this game. It was my 17th move. I was fixated on the need to attack my opponent's King and forgot what is more important than an attack on the wing: the center.

White to move

My opponent RLP played well. He kept up the pressure and put me away nicely after 17. a5?? moving his knight via e5 to the killer square d3. Oh well, live by the sword, die by the sword. The game is here.

I'm now 3-1 in the LEP tourney.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


LEP Round 3

I had a big advantage in time after a few moves. I had offered a Moron Defense but my opponent seemed to want to keep the Queen's on. I nursed the time plus and tried to keep the pressure on and the position complicated. Early on I had a choice of developing my Kings bishop to e7 or g7. I went with a KID setup with the bishop at g7. Another choice was moving the Q to c7 or e7. I went for e7. Beyond that, it was a bit of luck, a bit of time advantage, a bit of rating advantage, a bit of keeping things complicated. The dam finally broke. A nice game and TheDarkKnightTwo played well. I'm now 3-0 in the LEPer Tourney.

You can see the game here.

Update: I buy all of my Liquid Egg Product from Donnie.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Round 1: Tournament of LEPers

You can start by reading Polly's post and the post at Liquid Egg Product with this round's pairings. Tom vs. Polly was a wild sac-fest.

I played gorckat last night in our Round 1 encounter.

I am rated quite a bit higher but he had some chances and I was concerned for a while that my winning chances were small. The game was a Pirc and I inadvertently varied from my opening preparation because, well... some of the lines in the Pirc are hard to distinguish and trying to remember them is like I am in a "little maze of twisting passages, all different."

You can play through the game here with analysis courtesy of Fritz.

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