Wednesday, March 24, 2004


So Bad it has to be Good for Blitz!

C. S. De Blues writes
after 1.e4,d5 2.b3 has anybody tried a countergambit 2...e5? The whole reverse Englund thing reminds me of the Wild Turkey or Williams gambit 1.f4,d5 2.e4? which could also be reached 1.e4,d5 2.f4. Gary Lane said somewhere that a reverse engulnd was an "Idea so bad it has to be good for blitz!"

I have never enountered the reply 2. ...e5, but I agree that it is a countergambit in the spirit of the Wilson Gambit. I also agree with the Gary Lane quote, but wonder if that was before or after he visited this blog? :-)

The Wild Turkey/Williams gambit looks intriguing and yet another way to mess with the opponents head if he dares to reply to 1. e4 with 1....d5. And yes, we admit that we have all but given up trying to play good chess and try to win through obsfucation. I believe in going with my strengths.

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