Sunday, March 16, 2003


Pandolfini's Endgame Course Errata

I just added a link at the left to the errata I compiled for Pandolfini's Endgame Course. I love the format and content and find it a great resource and study guide for players up to about expert strength. Unfortunately the book suffers from a number of typos. Hence, the errata, which lists the major errors I have discovered.

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Saturday, March 15, 2003


HCC Friday Night Action March 14, 2003

An exciting event and strong field. One master, two experts and two A players. There were a total of twelve players. Curtis Brooks and Mbugua Bo Githoro tied for first with 3.5 each - they drew in their head-to-head encounter. Jeffrey T Miller won the under 1600 prize with 3 points. For my games from this tournament, see March 14, 2003 Friday Action.

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Houston Chess Club

The Houston Chess Club web site is currently not operating, but the club is alive and well. If the link at the left does not work, you can click here for address, basic schedule, address, phone numbers etc. By the way, I am told that it should be back up and running soon. (Update March 23, 2003 -- the HCC site is now back online. Content will be updated soon, I hope).



A Blast from the Past

An interesting game Wilson-Bighamian from 2002 as a static html file. Newer games will generally be available using the ChessBase 8.0 javascript viewer (so you can play the moves in your web browser) and as pgn files.

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HCC Friday Night Action March 7, 2003

Three way tie for first: Chalker beat Wilson who beat Farley who beat Chalker and each finished 3-1. At the end of my game with Chalker he had one second on the clock and I had, I think, eleven seconds. We were using a five second delay but that made for an exciting finish.
For Wilson-Farley and Chalker-Wilson, see March 7, 2003 Friday Action.

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A start

Trying out blogger to keep a web log of stuff chess related.

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