Tuesday, January 05, 2010


ChessFlash - Initial Diagram Position Option

ChessFlash now includes an option for displaying an initial position other than the starting position. This allows you to show the final position or any particular position that occurs in the game (not in analysis) as the first position. Here is an example using a game of Morphy's. White to play and win (you could use this with the "Board only" option to hide the pgn move / text area).

The changes for this new feature were contributed by Etienne Dupuis.


Can this also be used together with Puzzle Mode ?
Say, a position in a master game contains an interesting situation which I want to use as a puzzle, but I also want to give access to whole game in case the user whishes to see how this puzzle position has arisen in an actual game.
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Yes, it can but then the entire playback would be in puzzle mode, even after/if the puzzle is "solved." IOW, if the human is playing white, everytime a white move is entered or played (by pressing the play button for example) then after the white move is made then ChessFlash will automatically make the following black move.

There is currently no way for the user to turn off puzzle mode which would make this use case better....
Very cool! Great product dude thanks for the improvement.
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