Saturday, April 18, 2009


One Year of ChessFlash : Top Ten Blogs

The Top Ten ChessFlash Blogs:
  1. Castling Queen Side

  2. The Endgame Tactician


  4. Haunted Knight Chess Blog

  5. Blue Devil Knight Chess Confessions

  6. Diamondback Chess

  7. Chessaholic

  8. Katar Blog

  9. Chessgasm

  10. Chess on the Borderline

ChessFlash was started just about one year ago and it has been an exciting year. Thanks to all of the early adopters that tried ChessFlash in it's infancy. A special thanks to likeforests (The Endgame Tactician in the above list) who was a great help early on as a ChessFlash tester.

The new simplified publishing should make ChessFlash available to even more chess blogs in the coming year.


Thanks for the shoutout! The simplified publishing sounds awesome, now Chessflash is perfect! Can't wait to try it out.
Chessaholic: Keep up the great work on your blog and thanks for using ChessFlash.
It really is a great service to the chess community. Thanks for mentioning my blog.

I am having trouble getting the 'show/hide' version of the game to work here. The 'show board' button comes up but when I press it nothing shows.
BDK: I'll look at that this weekend. My guess is that something on that forum blocks or changes some needed feature to do the show/hide so we just may not be able to do it there. Or perhaps, there may be a trick to making it work...
It's a minor problem. I don't foresee a lot of games being displayed on one page in the forum.
BDK: The javascript tags have been changed in that post. I'm guessing the forum software does not allow them (probably does not allow users to post javascript in general) so it modifies them so they will be disabled. It may be possible to modify the forum settings to allow that (although there are good reasons why they may not want users to be able to post javascript in their forums).
GW: thanks for taking a look. It probably is some kind of precaution on their part.
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