Sunday, March 22, 2009


ChessTempo adds Endgames

Richard over at ChessTempo has added endgames. There are two modes: Theory and Practice. I prefer the practice. It looks to be a great way to practice your endgame tactics. The number of problems you can tackle per day is limited by your membership level:
Basic members receive an initial 10 problems and are then limited to 2 endgame problems a day. Silver members receive 20 problems a day and Gold members can do an unlimited number of endgame problems each day.
A good deal at any level but it did prompt me to upgrade my silver membership to gold.

Update: Something that I knew but that these problems demonstrate is that I am lousy at Queen vs. Rook endgames. It is not uncommon in practice and four of my misses have been in that category out of, I think, five attempts. Here is a screenshot with my current (but temporary) position atop the new Practice category at ChessTempo.


Thanks for the heads-up! I'm going to have to check out that website one of these days, especially if they're covering endgames now. :)
It is worth a look. I am learning more endgame theory directly by doing problems (and reviewing them online immediately after) and indirectly by studying offline to do better online.
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