Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is a test

I am testing a new ChessFlash option intended to allow web masters to host ChessFlash and the games it displays on their site instead of on the ChessFlash site. This instance of the ChessFlash.swf is on this ( site as is the game being displayed.


Wow, Glenn, I just discovered your ChessFlash PGN Viewer from Polly Wright's blog. Thank you for making this available! I started using it on my web site, and may use it in the future on the Boylston Chess Club blog. And FYI, I for one like your tweak to have the board open when a page loads!
Hi Ken,
Thanks for the comments.

Aren't Polly and her blog just awesome?
Coming through perfectly. When you said you wanted to make it open source, that was my big concern--that all the games where hosted on your site. This change definitely makes sense. :)
likesforests: I required hosting the viewer and the games on my site initially for few reasons. One has to do with built-in flash security that makes it easier to load the games from the same web server as the flash player. (Aside: one way to extend the ChessFlash viewer would be to read the PGN directly from a parameter in the html to bypass this issue.)

Second, I was creating a tool that could be used by bloggers and they, in general, don't have web servers to host the viewer or the games or the technical know-how or desire to host their own.

Third, I was concerned about having releases and patches and bug-fixes and dealing with the distribution issues and support issues of multiple versions floating around on multiple web sites.

(I also had ideas of other functionality that could be applied to a group of games hosted on a single server but I never have pursued those concepts but still could).

In other words, it struck me as the only viable way to get started.

Going back to what I said in a comment in this post when I first started down this path:
The goal is not exactly pgn -> video (although that is what I said in the post) but more a pgn -> flash gameviewer...ultimately with the ability to add voice etc.

My number one goal in creating any such tool is to have fun. My number two goal is to learn some new technology -- like flash; I have never programmed flash. My third goal, of course, is world domination. :)

I'm pretty happy with the journey so far. I'm still working on some aspects of voice and world domination. :)
Hi Glenn, thanks again for your great work. FICGS now uses ChessFlash on its forums, I'll make my best to promote it ! Best regards, Thibault
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