Sunday, January 11, 2009


Passing the Scepter

I joined the Knight's Errant in August 2007 and became the Secretary Knight in February 2008.

I had been doing circles-like chess exercises for many years before joining the Knights and have continued since becoming a Knight although my blogging about same has been decreasing. I intend to continue on as a Knight Errant (assuming I blog frequently enough to not be kicked out) but I feel the group will benefit from a Secretary who is blogging more frequently and with more enthusiasm from his or her current chess journey and discovery.

It is my privilege to pass the Secretary of the Knight's Errant title on to Likes Forests, The Endgame Tactician.

What are the Knight's Errant, you ask? You can start with the FAQ and Likes Forests recent post Who are the Knight's Errant?

All hail the new Secretary of the Knight's Errant!


Good shot!
I'll strive to do as good a job serving the Knights Errant as Man De La Maza, Temposchlucker, Blue Devil Knight, and Glenn Wilson have done.
Thanks for serving the Order of the Knights so diligently Sir Tacticus.
Huzzah to you brave knight, Sir Tacticus Maximus. Well done and a fine pass of the sceptor indeed.

May your journey continue unencumbered with regrets.
You've done a fine job, Sir Tacticus. Good luck, and godspeed.
nice work. great form and accuracy.
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