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Combinations 08.10.05

Morphy against Golmayo in an 1864 Havana simul.

After the 14th move, Morphy has a knight pinned to his opponent's King. The manner in which Morphy adds an attacker to the immobilized knight is very instructive. Enjoy.


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By the time Hastings 1895 rolled around, several players had a way to handle the Evans gambit. Blackburne ( who was inpsired by Morphy) was one as well as Chigorin, both known for their innovative opening ideas, saw that after 5.c3 playing 5...Ba5 keeps the pressure on the c-pawn. Chigoran also knew that the queen side is a hot bed for diagonal activity and getting a knight to a5 via c6 helped to neutralize this.
Chigoran won a special prize for the best score against the Evans Gambit at HAstings!
Off topic: I am now doing Chessimo or whatever it's called nowadays. I like it. Are you still hacking away at it?
@blunderprone: I do like the Evans Gambit, but alas, well over 100 years ago some figured out how to play against it.

@bdk: I only use Chessimo (PCT) on occassion these days. I stay tactically sharp mostly using books and
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