Monday, September 15, 2008


We're fine after Ike

Still no power but it is getting close. Some neighbors have power and nearby stores are starting to open. I'll add more when I get power...
Update 9/17 7:20 PM: (on borrowed internet and power) Power company crews were in my neighborhood yesterday assessing and recording locations that needed work (trees removed from power lines, etc). There are here now working on those issues. We expect (hope) power back on tomorrow. This morning I went to our local Kroger and it was operating close to normal. They had fresh baked bread (but no fresh in-store baked tortillas), the Deli counter seemed fully up, the meat section was low on supplies but open, dairy looked complete, lots of fresh produce and non-perishables. I didn't see batteries (but did not look very hard) and they had plenty of charcoal (in big demand right now). Lines were normal. I passed a gas station with lines of about 4 cars deep. Of course, some areas got hit very hard compared to far west Houston where I am...

I intended to pass some time with chess-related reading during the day but the debris cleanup and searching the web for news (now that I have occasional access) has take up a lot of time.

Update 9/19 11:25 AM: We got power back yesterday around noon. The story will continue at my non-chess blog here.
Glen ... did y'all just lose power or did you get some flooding too (in your neighborhood)? I've been looking at pictures of the aftermath all day long ... it is shocking.

Our company's downtown buildings generally escaped the storm ... not much damage (at least not like the JPMorgan Chase building). My wife is worried sick about moving there (possibly next year).
No flooding where I am near Hwy 6 and I-10 (far west side inside the City of Houston City limits).

We lost power and some big tree branches (but nothing fell on the house).

I still have no power and I am posting this on battery power and borrowed internet. But we are fine and have the usual creature comforts except electricity. We even ordered take out from a nearby restaurant two nights ago.

People in other areas, especially the low lying coastal areas got hit much, much harder.

Before moving to Houston you might want to check out flood zone map for different areas:

Glad to hear that things are returning to normal. Thanks for the links! I think those will be very useful in our house-hunt.

Take care

Glad to hear you're ok. :)
Glad things are heading toward equilibrium.
Thanks everyone!
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