Monday, September 08, 2008


Max Lange Part 2

This is an update to the Sept 4 Max Lange post. It turns out that "my" Novelty (based on searching ChessBase 2003 Mega database) is on move 9, not move 7. I'm just relieved that my whole idea has not been played before. :)

Next time I guess I'll check ChessBase sooner. Of course, it could have been played since 2003 and I still would not know as that is my latest mega database.

I have also included White's best 12th move (left as an exercise in the last post) and made that the main line. This is all the result of deep study and research I am undertaking to try to improve my opening play.


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You probably won't see this for a while anyway (if the electric situation's as bad as reported), but hope you were able to get through the hurricane safely.

Let me know if you had to dip into your neighbor's wine collection.
LEP and Glenn: I hope you guys got through Ike okay. Seeing all those pictures of downtown Houston just left me in shock.
We are fine. Many nearby stores and gas stations are re-opening. Still no power at our house but some neighbors got their power back last night so we expect ours soonish.
I still have not seen any pictures but have listened to the radio. Some areas were hit very hard. A friend used to have a boat in Kemah that is no longer there (they think it might be one of the boats on the freeway).

As to the wine, he was able to procure some dry ice and then his power came back on last night so a wine emergency was avoided.

My wife bought me a couple of "Galveston Island" tee shirts at Murdoch's last week There is no longer a Murdoch's (it was on a pier).
Glad to hear from you! If your neighbor neeeds to unload some wine, there's a very fine home up here that would be happy to adopt a few bottles. :-)
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5...Be7 is refuted by 6.e5
5...Be7 is refuted by 6.e5
5...Be7 is refuted by 6.e5?

Refuted how? I don't see it. After either 6...Ne4 or 6...Ng4 Black looks fine to me. But I'll take a deeper look when I have more time.
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