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Combinations 08.08.05

Morphy-Ware, New York simul 1859 at knight odds.

A pawn at at f7 is pinned to the king. Then a rook at f7 is pinned to the king. Later there is a threat of pinning the rook at f7 along the other diagonal to the queen. Finally, Morphy removes the guard at h6 to win material and simplify to a won ending.

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Morphy's opponent was no mere amateur but rather Preston Ware of Boston, Massachusetts. Twenty years later Ware would be regarded as one of the top twenty players in the world with an estimated rating of 2350. He's often remembered for his eccentric openings like "The Ware Opening" 1.a4.

[Ware is sometimes referred to as 'G. P. Ware' or 'G. Preston Ware, Jr". Some DBs refer to G. Ware and P. Ware as two separate players!]
I was not aware of Ware. Cool, thanks.
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