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Combinations 08.08.02

Morphy-Montgomery, New York simul, 1859.
This knight odds game features double attacks, clearance, pinning, and overloading.

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I notice that you haven't played a USCF rated game OTB in almost a year! And not many games last year.

Is there a reason for this? I would think as an Expert you would be more active and working to become a Master level player. I'd also think you would participate in National or Regional events outside of Texas.

Interesting Blog you have - with the tutorials you are posting regarding Tactics and Combinations.
My interests lately have been more about teaching chess than playing chess. That could change at some point but at my age I may be running out of time to make master.
Running out of time to make Master? Remember Rolf Wetzel! Psshaw... he still comes to our club too and and has sustained a rating of over 2000 since making master after the age of 50 over a decade ago!

Thanks for the Morphy coverage. The whole romantic period of chess was what fueled Steinitz's positional play teachings. Paying attention to positional ideas in this games would have stymied teh attack. The Philidor's defense dropped in popularity because of its weaknesses in controlling hte center. Nc6 or playing immediately Nf6 taking advantage of the fact the Marphy did not have a knight to defend his e4 are a couple ideas that stand out.

thanks for the good work.
Yes, black's play could be easily improved.

Making Master at fifty is certainly possible but in the general case it is unlikely and it is very uncommon. Can I? Will I? I guess we'll see....
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