Saturday, July 12, 2008


Working Knights

Likes Forests
He has upheld the honor of the Knights Errant and returns triumphant from the Whirled Open. He is setting his sights on improving his rating by studying "Tactics, tactics, tactics."
I removed advanced endgame books from my study tracker. You could become a GM without ever reading "Secrets of Rook Endings", and I got the optimal result from every endgame I played in the tournament, so that's not my weakness.

Sir Banatt
Training and circles and games! Oh my!. His blog has it all and lots of it! He has some of the most instructive games evah!
I really am absorbing tactics! I was playing a few games against my dad (Who I must say is amazingly strong for a casual player), and beat him in a beautiful combination that involved hanging a knight... for a skewer on his king to his rook! Then I beat him by seizing seventh rank absolute with both rooks, than getting a mate in 2.

And here I was thinking it wasn't transferring into my OTB play!

Resisting buying new chess software. And playing in the tournament of Lepers.
I played round 4 against Tom a.k.a. Rhuiden tonight and had a good time except that well, I lost. Things were going well as we transitioned into the early middle game, when...

Haunted Knight
Last night I played Louise for the first time in a long time control game. My idea was to play the closed Sicilian against her, but as is typical for my memory, I forgot move 3 was supposed to be g3, not d3. This didn't seem to make much difference to the game, and I suppose shows that learning openings is a waste of time for me and I might as well play any old move that develops or helps strengthen my position to get to an evenish middlegame.

Retired Pawn
If you look back by the vending machine, you will find me wearing a yellow shirt at board 7. One of the brighter spots of not moving off the last board is the proximity of the coffee Enjoy the following annotated game.

Sir Augusto
I finished CTB and i'm going through it again for a month, doing all the exercises in on week.

Sir Sparfy
also i read the josh waitzkin book The Art of Learning. which is a bit less about learning and a bit less about chess but a lot about life and some good stuff on the micro digging needed to be good at something. i would suggest reading it - even though you will not learn any chess from it you will learn something of what a successful chess and martial arts guy does. one of his best comments is about investing in loss. you learn by losing more than winning. and winning makes you think you are doing things right. but losing gets you to become better.

Tacticus Maximus
Me? It's been all ChessFlash and Paul Morphy for a while around here. I did meet Donnie of Liquid Egg Product in person at a Houston Chess Meetup. The LEP mascot was not able to attend.

I've been working on the ChessFlash store to offset some of the associated ChessFlash costs. In the process I have run across one really great deal: Pandolfini's Endgame Course $4.99; Chess (the "Polgar Brick") $4.98 (they were still available this morning at the book closeout link but probably won't last long).


Cool report, thanks for putting it up, there are some people on here I need to link to.

Contemplating becoming a Knight...eeeeek!


If you want to automatically link to the current list of knights (and automatically keep it current) see:
this post.
Nice wrap-up. Everyone I've shown the ChessFlash viewer to has been impressed. I especially enjoy how it lets you scroll through games using your keyboard arrows instead of your mouse--I didn't notice that at first but now it's how I always navigate. The only feature I'm really missing is an 'export as pgn' option.
likesforests: Thanks for the feedback. The keyboard navigation is a nice convenience; I may not point it out to people enough, so thanks.

On the export to pgn, the link will now always automatically include a link to download the pgn file (unless the publishing user removes it). Is that sufficient or do you feel there is a need for a "copy to clipboard" functionality?
"the link will now always automatically include a link to download the pgn"

OIC. Yes, that works quite well!
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