Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Semi Daily Tactic July 23, 2008

On the home front we will be getting a new Air Conditioner installed Friday and will be much cooler after that. We are getting a respite from the heat with some rain and more possible soon (Hello, Dolly!). Actually, I don't think Dolly is expected to affect us much in Houston except for some additional, needed rainfall.

Today's game is Morphy-Lowenthal, 1858.
He was one of the first masters to play a match against Morphy after the latter's arrival in London in 1858. Morphy won with a score of nine wins, three losses and two draws. "...I am convinced that I was vanquished by superior strength," Löwenthal said about the match, as reported by the Englishman Frederick Edge. No doubt aware that chess was Löwenthal's only source of livelihood, and conscious to not be considered a professional player himself, Morphy after winning the match stakes of £100, presented Löwenthal with a gift of furniture valued at £120 for his new house.

The very last move of the game (which I have removed) is a nice tactic featuring a Deflection sacrifice that will win due to a Pin and Skewer. A Deflection is forcing an enemy piece to move away from an advantageous square. So, what is Morphy's winning move in the final position?

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Glad you got the AC issue taken care of. We don't have central AC in our house. For the most part we don't need it. WE have AC units in each of the 3 bedrooms. Though with the hot weather we've been having I've spent most of the day holed in my my home office with the AC going.
Polly:Thanks. Central Air made modern Houston possible. :)

We have two systems in the house and one (the smaller one) is still working. So we are not totally without air conditioning but it is probably in the 90s upstairs. If we were totally out we would probably stay at a hotel or with friends.
Methinks 25.Bxc6+ Rxc6 26.Rb7+ Ke8 27.Rxe7 is winning.

Very nice, I love your Morhpy series. This guy makes it look so easy, just incredible!

Good luck with the AC :)
Congrats on the central air. Even if you don't technically need it to survive, it's sure handy.

Re: Dolly. This is the first year of doing any sort of hurricane prep. Every empty milk and juice jug gets filled with water. Every food shopping trip, some canned item gets purchased. I plan on being able to be the last person in Houston to survive.
liquideggproduct: Water? Oh yeah. Until this year we always had lots of bottled water on hand because we had water delivered. We do not do that anymore so we really should stock up on some water for storm prep.

In case of extended power outage I plan to head to my neighbor that has lots of fine wine and no backup generator. He won't want the wine to spoil in the heat. :)
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