Thursday, July 31, 2008


Daily Tactic July 31, 2008

Morphy-Julien, New York simul, 1859.
This knight odds game features a double attack and multiple deflections.

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Who is this Julien guy? I'd like to think I would have done a little better than that. His Kingside was completely undeveloped!
I have thought that about some of these knight odds games. And Julien may be weaker than some of Morphy's other opponents.

But knight odds? Certainly it would be easy for say, a player of my strength to beat *anyone* at knight odds, right? I played some games with Fritz at knight odds just to test that.

I have won some and I am improving in this type of contest but Fritz is clearly better than me even with knight odds at least in "fast" time controls.
is your AC back up and working?

Yes, the air conditioning is back on and working. I can now sit at the computer without sweating. :)
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