Saturday, July 19, 2008


Daily Tactic July 19, 2008

Morphy-Potier in an 1858 Paris simul. Morphy uses a Space Clearance sacrifice and exploits a Pin to set up a fatal Discovered Check. Potier resigned before the discovered check could be played.


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Bravo! Truely a romantic style player! I will revisit this period ( post London 1851 pre hastings 1895 ) once I get through my first tour.

Thanks for providing this Morphy exhibition. I am enjoying it.
I love how Morphy exploits pins of pieces to squares. The Morphy vs Duje & Count game which you showed recently uses that same idea to execute the deadly queen sac ob b8. I love Morphy games thanks for posting these.
blunderprone and polly: Glad you like them. Sorry I missed a couple days -- I've been tied up with some minor emergencies -- car problem, house a/c died (July! Houston!), etc.

But there will be more coming soon (or soonish)!
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