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Updated July 8 to use the latest version of the viewer.
This is an interesting game I played against Master Mansour "Mick" Bighamian in 2002. I played quite well, until I started winning....

The game is shown in the ChessFlash PGN Viewer with two boards and tabbed variations on the second board. Click the arrow keys below the boards to navigate. Or, an arrow with the "focus" (yellow box) can be played by pressing the space bar. When primary variations are encountered they will appear as tabs on the second board. Click the tab to view the variation(s) on the second board.

Download PGN | Enlarge Viewer

Update: Publishing with width=100% and height=100% (was w=100%, h=500 pixels). That did not work at all in IE7 (viewer did not display) but worked well in FireFox 3. Ok, now trying w=100% and h=90%. About the same result. Trying...width=100% and height=550 seems to be the biggest I can make the viewer that works for me in both IE7 and FF3 on my laptop and still have the viewer fit in a single screen.

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glenn, ive told you at least twice how great this viewer is.

and remembering if i may say, i am highly trained in the visual arts (not only architecture, but life and natural drawing, both western and asian calligraphy, film critique, and of course last but not least photography.

can you make the viewer bigger? seems 'scrunched' here?

hope you dont mind--know how hard youve worked. dk

Thanks for the feedback.

The size in the blog is restricted by the blog column limits and the size of your browser window at the time the viewer is loaded. (Actually, in this instance, the width will change based on the availabe width, the height in the blog is fixed at 500 pixels; these are configurable options).

I just added a link above the viewer "Enlarge Viewer" which opens the viewer in its own page and uses 100% of the available space (both width and height). Is this what you were suggesting?

In either case, the size of the browser window when the viewer first loads is what determines the size of the viewer. So, one way to make the viewer larger is to first maximize your browser window then load the page (or refresh / reload) the page.


you know best. i am ardently against detailed visual criticism, however accomplished, seemed a bit small for a board, but there must be ways around this, as you suggest. just instead my general perception, since i am on your side all they way in this effort, had to be shared.

thank you, dk

ps i have tammed the photos but there is a curse word this time round, so being off your links still not a bad idea! :)
dk-transformation:I value your input but I'm not completely clear what you are suggesting.

When you see the viewer directly in this blog versus using the "Enlarge Viewer" link does it appear very different in size to you?

There are a large variety of browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions and browser workflows so I do not know what you see when you visit my blog. Or rather, there is a large range of what I imagine you can see when you visit my blog. At one extreme the viewer takes up all or almost all of the screen real estate. At another extreme the viewer is postage stamp size.

I am not advocating a particular size or layout but just trying to better understand your concern. Which, at this point, I don't understand.

As another point of reference, the chess boards in this viewer in the blog for me are about the same size as the smaller chess boards in your latest post. In the "Enlarge Viewer" page the chess boards in the viewer are about the same size as the larger chess boards in your latest post? Does that approximately match your experience?
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