Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sneak Peek

Here are sneak peeks at: Puzzle Mode and Study Mode.

These will be very limited features in the first version.

I'll write more about them later today....

Update:In both the Puzzle Mode and Study Mode, the Viewer plays one side and you play the other. The Viewer is not "thinking", it is just following the PGN file and playing the next move in sequence after you move. The Puzzle Mode and Study mode are basically just slight variations of the same mode. There is only one line that you can play against the Viewer for each variation, but the Viewer can play multiple variations (see the Opening Example).

You can enter your moves by clicking the from and to squares on the board with the mouse (in any order and with other clicks in-between --- it is very lenient). If you prefer, instead of entering the move, you can press the "play" button (right arrow under the board) and the Viewer will make your move too.....

The puzzles have a FEN string embedded in the HTML so the viewer knows what initial position to show before loading the PGN file. The Study example could also do that if needed. It could even be an end game position to study...


There's a big in your viewer apparent in LEP's game against takechess... see his blog for the example. When the Black pawns queen they become White queens.
likesforests:Thanks! That bug is now fixed in the current published versions (including the one LEP is using).
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