Saturday, June 14, 2008


Similar Positions, Different Evaluations

Dan Heisman's Novice Nook column at this month is excellent! As usual.
I have noticed that many players make one of two mistakes:
  • They either donít recognize similar positions where the evaluations are quite different, or

  • Just quickly assume that analogous positions have similar evaluations, when this may or may not be true.
Or, in the immortal words of Lewis McClary: "Things that are different, are not the same!"

Dan goes on to give a number of instructive examples of small differences in positions that make a big difference in evaluation. Read the whole thing: Similar Positions, Different Evaluations.
Thanks a lot for linking my chess blog to your site glenn. I appreciate it alot. I will link also your site to my blog.

Anyway, is chess flash is a viewer were you can composed a certain position you want? like puzzles and other diagrams? I will try to use this viewer soon.

You have a great site, lets all help promote chess information in the web.
Chess addict, The ChessFlash Viewer is based on pgn files. It can also use FEN notation to specify a starting position. There are examples in the Gallery at ChessFlash. Thanks!
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