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Paul Morphy and Daily Tactic June 22, 2008

Paul Morphy was born in New Orleans on June 22, 1837 (thanks BlunderProne).

Today's Daily Tactic is Paul Morphy against No Name in New Orleans 1849. Morphy is about 12 years old at the time.

No Name plays knight takes d4 with a double attack on Morphy's Queen. When you are in a situation like this, you have to ask, are you feeling lucky? What Would Morphy Do? Or, in this case, what did Morphy do?

Happy Birthday Paul Morphy!

In 1850, when Morphy was twelve, the strong professional Hungarian chess master Johann L÷wenthal visited New Orleans. L÷wenthal, who had often played and defeated talented youngsters, considered the informal match a waste of time but accepted the offer as a courtesy to the well-to-do judge. When L÷wenthal met Morphy, he patted him on the head in a patronizing manner.

By about the twelfth move in the first game, L÷wenthal realized he was up against something formidable. Each time Morphy made a good move, L÷wenthal's eyebrows shot up in a manner described by Ernest Morphy as "comique". L÷wenthal played three games with Morphy during his New Orleans stay, losing all three.wikipedia

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Glenn: I have tried to isolate the problem with your web-site's slow opening on my computer (HP Pavilion zd8220us 1.25GB RAM 80GB Hard Drive; ISP Road Runner thru a N wireless router). For some reason the computer stops responding for 1 minute 37 seconds. The mystery deepens.

Also, I signed up for you PGN Viewer. Being a bit behind the power curve on using fact clueless how you load it and display it; even after reading FAQ's 5 times. Please, could you help me? I want to share some of my games.
First, I see that you were able to post your game on your blog. Any suggestions on improving the FAQs / instructions are appreciated.

What Operating System are you using? Windows XP? My desktop has a slower processor and less ram than your PC and just loaded the page in about 7 seconds. Sometimes, it has had issues loading this page but I have made several changes and it seems to load pretty quickly now. When I put a lot of instances of the Viewer on the page Internet Explorer *on that machine* can be very slow to load it (although Firefox, Opera and Safari do fine). It is never more than a few seconds on my laptop though (dual core). I suspect there is some IE7 threading / page rendering issue here and I will continue to look into it...

Is anyone else having an issue loading this blog?
Ok. I can reproduce this or a similar issue with IE on my laptop. If I clear the cache then this page is initially very slow (> 1 minute) to load...I'll look into this further...
Glenn: My omission, the operating system is Windows XP SP2. I had loaded SP3 and had the load times halved, but my DVD/CD-ROM stopped working. Pity, because it cleaned up the processes nicely. This might be part of the problem, I return my computer to a past system restore point. I will uninstall/reinstall IE7 and report my findings.

Yes, I finally got it through my head that you must upload your games 1 PGN file at a time (I had to use CB9 in a manner I had zero that I must cut (perhaps you should put these in a numbered step process and bold the cut and paste part; not to insult any-one's intelligence, but rather for the sake of clarity). Since I had no prior experience with this type of thing, I didn't realize my mistakes. I tried to paste it into the composing window instead of the HTML edit window (Again, elucidating this part would help some novices users).
Incidentally, I was proudly wearing my WWMD shirt yesterday at the NH open in honor of his Birthday!
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