Friday, June 27, 2008


Friday Night Action July 4th

Friday July 4th there will be a special Friday Night Action Tournament at the Houston Chess Club! First prize is $100 and second is $50. Four rounds of game/30 starting at 7pm.

And, inspired by:
FIRST: The Canadian Open Chess Championship will be held in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) this year from July 19-27, 2008. Goddesschess has funded a $100.00 CAD "Pawn Promotion Prize." The very first player in the Canadian Open who promotes a pawn will win $100.00 CAD! This is open to all players in all sections.
Supporting Local Chess with $$$

I have donated $50 to support local Houston chess as two additional, special prizes in this event. $25 will go to the first person to promote a pawn in the tournament and $25 will go to the last person to promote a pawn in the tournament.


Cool. I'm going to bribe my first-round opponent $15 let me promote a pawn.
Good luck with that. :)

So glad to see you followed through and put some $$$ forth for local chess. The "Pawn Promotion Prize" is a lot of fun and certainly promises to generate some interesting fighting chess, don't ya think?

Thanks for the link to our post at the Goddesschess blog. I'll mention you and your prize money donation in my next "supporting local chess" post. Now, if we can get some other people onboard, perhaps we can start a mini-tidal wave of support for local chess events across the country. Well, hell, why not dream big darling!

Jan from Goddesschess
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