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Daily Tactic June 29, 2008

After Morphy's amazing victory at New York, some suggested that a European master should come to America to play him. ... On June 6, 1858, Paul Morphy went to Europe to challenge their best chess players.... He sailed from New York on board the S.S. Arabia. He landed in Liverpool on June 21, 1858.
Bill Wall's Chess Master Profiles - Paul Morphy

In London, 1858, Morphy and Barnes play an exhibition game against Staunton and Owens. Morphy and Barnes are black and play a strong forcing move after white moves 24. Rd1. Do you see the move?

For a more accurate second move in the series (per Fritz) see the comments.

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Instead of 25... Bxh4 Fritz prefers 25... Qe7 with a likely continuation of 26. Rdd4 Qxc5 27. c3 Bxh4 28. Rxh4 Qg5.
Is this a new version of your viewer? I like the size of the board. I've been playing around with the size. On this post of mine

I like how the notes and moves are displayed, but I wish the diagram was bigger. I think I did 450 x 500 to get that setting. When I did 500 x 500 I got a bigger board but the moves and notes would get cut off.

When I first made the post the diagram kept coming up blank in Explorer and on Firefox it would showing a position of Likeforests. Not sure why that happened. It took me about 3 post edits to get it right.

This is the same version of the viewer that you are using. But, I am experimenting with different ways to embed it in the blog. When I get the kinks worked out I plan to make the new options available at

The IE glitch is, I think, that if the height of the viewer is more than IE can show at one time it does not show it, so, that is an upper limit on the height. The blog column width is the upper limit on width.

In this post I tried various sizes and came up with a max height of 550 that seemed to work (but readers with smaller screen resolutions may have an issue?).

The only way I can think of to make the boad bigger on your blog and still show the moves is to increase the % of space that the board gets versus the moves. This is currently about 50/50 each. You can not control that when you publish the game but I will look into exposing that ...
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