Thursday, June 26, 2008


Daily Tactic June 26, 2008

Today's tactic is from a simul in New Orleans in 1857. White is Paul Morphy and black is Mr. Hart. In the game position Mr. Hart is about to play 16... Ne7. The game will be over in seven moves. See if you can find Morphy's moves as he finishes the game with surgical precision.


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Well, this one is a bit more complex. I did get the first couple of move correct. Then I missed such a simple move...story of my
Hey Glenn,

I just signed up and used your flash player on my blog for the very first time! It is as easy to use for posting as it is to read on someone's blog! Great job. I felt it was time to use it because I was celebrating my first win over someone rated higher than 1200. Thanks again for creating such a great flash player!

I have to go study some more. Now that I am actually winning a game here and there it makes me wanted dive in even deeper. (is that or good or bad?)

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