Monday, June 23, 2008


Daily Tactic June 23, 2008

We plan to feature games of Paul Morphy for the next month or so in Daily Tactic. We are going through his games in roughly chronological order. In today's game Rosseau plays d5 attacking Morphy's queen. Twelve year old Morphy plays this brilliantly! After ...d5 it is White to Move:


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Glenn: This time was a 10 second load time...a new record! I will time it without the cache a few times to see what it brings us. Thanks.
Great! Thanks for the patience and the continued testing.
Glenn: After restoring IE7 to a new installation condition, I can load this blog with a second. This is wonderful!
What's with the funky color change every time I navigate away from your page and come back to it? That's kinf of cool.

Every time I try to make the boards bigger then the text gets cut off. Maybe it's the width on my blog. Being blog technically challened I don't know if I can change that.
Polly: To make the board bigger in the layout you are using in your blog you can either a) increase the height or you can b) publish the board only or c) change your blogger template (or tweak your existing one) to one that has a wider text column.

The funky color change is me playing around with enabling ChessFlash to match the blog "automagically" using css.
Oh my god, I actually got it!
Banatt:Excellent. I find the third move especially difficult ...... I guess because the knight can be taken two different ways.
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