Thursday, June 19, 2008


Daily Tactic June 19, 2008

Today's tactic is from a game of Bobby Fischer's played in the 1955 USA Under 18 Championship. First we have the featured tactic, followed by the full game so you can see it in context.
Black (Fischer) to move:

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A simple removal of the guard.
Glenn: Here is the feedback promised. It takes an average of 1 min. 37 sec. for your blog to load. During this time, my computer freezes; I am in sure why? This only happens here...on this page. Likesforests blog loads with 2 sec. Takchess 1 sec.

On a positive note, this site is very good and useful. I want to load this product. Do you think it will adversely effect my system?
retired pawn: I'm not sure why my blog loads slowly for you. It loads for me in a few seconds IE or FireFox). Of course, I've been here before so everything is cached.

If other sites using ChessFlash load normal for you it may not be ChessFlash at all. If you try it and it slows down your blog you could just remove it.
I love seeing the tactic and then the game! Muchas gracias. Much to learn.
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