Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Daily Puzzles June 17, 2008

This is a mate in 4 problem inspired by a position that arose in one of my games last night at the Houston Chess Meetup.

White to Move:

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Glenn: Everytime I visit you blog my IE7 freezes. I don't know if this is a bug with your site or is it my IE. It doesn't do it with with the other blogs. This start after the installation of your PGN viewer.

I do like your PGN viwer very much. I must learn how to install one and use. I made a promise to Takchess I would make some of my games available.

Keep up the excellent work!
Thanks for the info. I'd obviously like to understand what the problem is. I use IE7 as one of the browsers I test this with and it works fine for me.

Does, "it doesn't do it with the other blogs" include other blogs with the ChessFlash Viewer? In IE7, can you go to http://glennwilson.com/chess/2008/06/chessflash-10-released.html

and visit the blogs listed there that have the Viewer using IE7? Same problem or do they work ok?
Glenn: Thank you for you prompt response. The problem was only with your Houston Chess blog. The PGN viewer site would always load with a few seconds. The other blogs with the viewer would load within a few seconds.

Taking you recommendations, the re-installation of adobe flash and IE7, has for the moment (crossing fingers)solved the problem. I will post further if it returns. Thanks.
retired pawn Thanks so much for reporting the problem and that re-installing Flash seemed to fix it. I really appreciate it.
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