Thursday, May 15, 2008


Working Knights

What have the Knights been up to lately? Here are some brief excerpts from the posts of Knights Errant in the Heat of Battle that have posted since April 6. Visit their blogs for more details!

Likes Forests
Someone compared the chess blogosphere to a cult. It's true we praise Caissa, the Goddess of Chess. And sometimes she demands expiation, the sacrifice of countless hours studying tactics and positions from master games.

Oh, and I chant: "DaDaPiSkReMa, DaDaPiSkReMa, DaDaPiSkReMa".
A break-away from the DaBattPinOlC cult?

Haunted Knight
It was the first time I'd played him as white, he played the French. I'd just been reading about the best way to play Kings Indian Attack against different openings a couple of days ago,...

Vassily Ivanchuk is on fire at the MTel Masters in Bulgaria. He has won all five of his games, which is a pretty crazy feat at a category 20 tournament. With five out of five points, his performance rating is a whopping 3537.

Sir Kaan Kara
I have just two days... What should i do to prepare the most as i can? Please comment if you have any idea.
My situation is i don't know anything about 1.d4 or anything varies from 1.e4 as black or white

Sir Augusto
I take a vacation from chess and i'm returning now. In this time I lost a couple of games at, this dropped my rating to 1580 +-.
It's very hard to conciliate chess with life.

Sir Nemo
I finished with an overall success rate of 64%, which according to the Petrosian school of chess, I should be playing at master level haha.

Caquetio Knight
Iíve started my cycles and right now Iím halfway cycle1. Last Tuesday I played a game of rapid chess at the chess club in Leiden (the Netherlands). I played with black and it was a Benko gambit, nothing unusual. But I was seeing tactical opportunities very fast, and the guy was blown away.

Retired Pawn
This is a position from my last game in the Kansas City Quick Championship. At this point I was tied for first place and had the white pieces; however, in time pressure I lost the tread. What is the winning sequence of moves? White to move.

Sir Sparfy
just hanging out workin on the old house. :-) been working on the dutch system a bit. having trouble with ... computer says go ahead and grab dem pawns. so i do. but then trouble is not far behind usually with a Q comming and rooks and all sortsa unleashed madness.

Sir Miklos
I've been thinking about getting a tactics training program, what would you guys recommend? CT Art probably is too hard for me atm, so the question is CTB, or the intermediate level Convekta program?

Tacticus Maximus That's me. I've been redoing the PCT Tactics module 1 exercises lately. I started module 4 but found the exercises harder than what I want from a circles-type approach. I'm sure I'll revisit the module 4 (and higher) exercises at some point when I want to spend more time on each problem.

I have also been developing for ChessFlash (flash based pgn viewer and chess authoring tool, etc) and teaching chess at an after-school program and working with my private students.

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I know I'm a graduate knight and all... but perhaps my "promotional Knight's errant video" would kindle the motivational spirit... or scare them.
Maybe it's due to lack of paying attention, but I didn't know you had private students! How long have you been doing it?

And this overview of what everyone's doing is great...even though I don't really visit a number of them (already have a full plate keeping up with the ones I do keep up with).
Blunderprone's Promotional Knights Errant Video is a must see!

liquidegg: I'm not sure if I have ever stated on this blog that I have chess students (so you didn't miss it). I only have a few and I started with one student about 18 months ago.
glenn w. - it's time to update me on your side bar. Finally graduated from Knight in Battle to Knight Victorious.
Nemo: Congratulations, and your wish is ...
Hello Glenn Wilson!

I just wanted to let you know that your review/comparison of PCT and CT-ART from quite awhile ago was very helpful! I did download both trial versions but quickly found myself being drawn to PCT (which I guess is now "Chessimo")

I really like PCT ALOT! Thanks for the info from your blog(even though it was a post from quite awhile ago.)

Tom G.
tommyg: I'm glad you found the comparison useful. And yes, PCT is now Chessimo!
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