Monday, May 26, 2008


Tabbed PGN Viewer

(Updated July 8 to use the latest. Updated June 3, 2008 to use V0-046. Updated June 3, 2008 to use the latest version of the viewer and different colors. The left board was green and the right board was red.)

Here is another (see previous post) sample of the ChessFlash PGN Viewer, this time showing the Saavedra Position. The point of this demo is to show the concept of the "tabbed variations" board on the right. As you scroll through the main line using the buttons on the green board, note the "tabs" on the red board and try clicking those to see what happens. Does it make sense to you? You can also click in the text area.


All feedback and bug reports are welcome.

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brilliant. thank you for sharing. dk
This thing rocks!! It makes perfect sense. I can't compliment you enough on how well done it is!

Tom G
transformation and tommyg: Thanks for your feedback. Here are some possible future features / direction / next steps if you're interested in where I am headed with this...

The Client
Scroll Bar for the Text Area
Show two different movetext selections simultaneously (one for main board, one for variation board)
Make the link more prominent
At start, initialize the variation board to the first variation
Menu: User preferences (move highlighting on off, etc)
Autoplay mode
Add sound (voice annotation/commentary); turn on/off; volume control
Optionally enable tabs in single board layout
Expose more layouts (horizontal, vertical, 1 board, 2 board)
Menu:Load PGN, Save PGN
Menu:Load FEN, Save FEN
Setup Mode
Multipart load/start (for browser load speed)
Improve tabs appearance
Automatically select/deselect tabs when clicking text
Puzzle Mode (Tactics training)
Play against the Viewer (it will never be a strong player)?
Play against the Server?
Use as client for FICS?
Use as client for ICC?
Nalimov table support ?

The Server
User Accounts
User History, profiles, etc
Uploading, editing PGN files (and extended PGN to include voice, slides, board highlights and arrows)
Chess Content Authoring Tool
Grouping and ordering (courses consist of multiple lessons in order)
Wow, very nice! Only a couple things would prevent me from using it as it is:

1. The color scheme 'green & red' is only suitable at xmas. For the rest of the year maybe tan and brown like Chessbase, or green & white like a tournament board.

2. In the glenn vs polly game, there was no indication that you could scroll down to see more. You don't necessarily need working scroll bars, but some indication that there's more to see above or below would be nice.

Keep up the good work. :)
likesforests: The colors are configurable and a scroll bar is on my list of things to do. Thanks for the feedback.
It took me a minute to figure it out, but it makes perfect sense.

The tabbed variation is a significant improvement.

The only thing I'd recommend is more on the graphical...the green/red are rather bright and contrasty. Might be good to have the user be able to select different BG colors.
Shoot, I should have read the other comments first. My concern has already been allayed!
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