Thursday, May 29, 2008


More PGN Viewer

Updated June 23 to use latest version.
I made these colors match my blogger template after the complaints about my previous red and green "christmas theme". Now, I expect complaints about my blogger template colors. :) The layout demos a "compact layout." The layout options and colors are specifed as parameters in the html that embeds the viewer (take a look at the page source if you are interested in the gory details).


A scrollbar has been added! Yeah!
The game is my game against Kevin Gafni in the recent LEPer tourney. He won the tournament and this game. I played the opening pretty well but went astray around move 26 when I was surprised by his Rd4 (I'd overlooked that he could play it). I may have played on a bit too long but with two rooks on there were some chances... (analysis by Fritz)

Feedback on the game and the viewer are welcome!

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Wow... well done! I will definitely be using this on my blog whenever you give us the thumbs up to use it. :)


Version 0 / Prototype #30? You've put some time into this. I think quite a few bloggers will find it useful.
likesforests:It is more like the 3rd prototype version. But yes, it is a lot of work....

Just found a bug where the text in the blog post gets highlighted when clicking the board (or anywhere in the viewer) quickly. May only happen with the FireFox beta...?

Anyone else seen this?
No. I'm using Firefox and I don't see that bug.
Using Opera 9.27, this bug did not manifest.
liquideggproduct: Thanks for checking that. It seems that only occurred with the align property set (to allow text to wrap around the viewer). I took off the align when I updated this post, so the bug no longer manifests.
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