Friday, May 02, 2008


Forks and Skewers


I picked up Michael de la Maza’s “rapid chess improvement” at Barnes & Noble and was intrigued by the concept of tactical study. I read about the “ Concentric Square ” exercise and being a programmer I immediately thought; “I could make this into a program. I have done just that. My first idea was that I could sell the program to Michael, hoping he might include it with his book. I later decided that I didn’t need to make any money with this program and I’m willing to give it away for free. My program sits unused but a few friends that I’ve personally given it. I thought the “Knights Errant” group may like to check it out. It’s currently only for Windows, but that may change.

Just go to my website to download a zip file that contains the application and a help file. There is no installation required.

Mike Anderson

I did download the file, unzip it and virus scanned it (no virus found) and ran the program a bit. It looks great.

Thanks Mike!


Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
Perhaps I'll give this a try.
Very nice! I'll use it!
Thanks for sharing!
You must see my promotional video about the MDLM "cult"
That is freaking cool!!! Thanks for making it Mike, a great contribution. I haven't done these drills in years, since I was basically a beginner in chess, before doing the Circles. Now that I'm a bit more seasoned in chess, have done the Circles, I see more interesting general patterns using these simple exercises.
It's great! Since I have still difficulty with the DA-scan I will try thiss for a while.
Thanks a lot! A very useful program. I use it every day.
Just a question. Can you insert a random mode, where position of pieces is not presented always in the same order? Because after some practice, one know by heart the answers. An another major improvement would be to insert another mode, where the attacking piece is not always the queen (e.g. Knight vs Queen, Bishop and Knight, and so on). Anyway, thanks a lot!
The program is not mine. It is Mike Anderson's:
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