Sunday, April 06, 2008


Working Knights

What have the Knights been up to lately? Here are very brief excerpts from the posts of Knights Errant in the Heat of Battle that have posted since March 8. Visit their blogs for more details!

Sir Kaan Kara My second quest is 40k problems in chess tactics server.

Silver King I just finished section 2 of TCT completing my warm up.

Sir Augusto I'm doing the routine, (Finish level 10 in two days) playing some blitz and trying to play some slow with Fritz, but I always play quickly.

Sir Miklos After I had tp return my tactics book to the library, I've gone back to CTS, like many other knights.

Sir Sparfy just got the leningrad dutch book by some german guy in english. hmmm...

Sir Nemo So it's that time again; I've finished the second circle in this lovely tactical foray!

Haunted Knight Last night I played David Brown for the first time, in round 6 of the Derbyshire Individual. I was expecting to get smashed early on as he is much higher rated, but...

Chessaholic I have been playing around with the Trompowsky a bit lately, and this is a position from a recent game....

Retired Pawn Teaching our children how to think is what chess in education is all about.

...and then there's me. Here's a brief update:
Tacticus Maximus (me) I quit my job of 10+ years. I lost to drunknknite in the LEPer tourney. I bought Silman's Complete Endgame Course because of BDK. I'll post more about me soon. :)

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Nice post! It's very usefull and we can see what the others are doing in one page! ;)
Wow. Interesting decision on the job. Could you go back to your old employer should you want to do that?

Anyway, we will be jealous of you for a bit while you "enjoy paradise".
@liquidegg: Going back to my old employer is an option I want to keep open. I gave over 6 wks notice, finished up the current releases, did knowledge transfers with replacements, and generally left things as nice as I could. Whether I will want to go back or they will want to have me back...well, that is all in the future which can be hard to predict.

Paradise is what my wife calls our "backyard." Have you seen these pictures ?
Admittedly, birds have never been a primary interest, but the photography is nice. A hobby with some investment, or a more casual thing? (You may have mentioned this elsewhere, but I wasn't paying attention...)

I especially liked the backlit Carolina Wren pics and some of the cardinal and egret shots were striking.
@eggman: glad you like the pics. a hobby with some investment, i guess. and my point is that those are all photos in my "backyard" aka "paradise". I love the pics, but I love the real thing even more.
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