Sunday, April 06, 2008


Where to Play Chess in Houston?

We get email. From Joe:
Is there any public place in Houston where chess players hang out? I'd like to find a park or something where I can play pickup games.

The heat and rain in Houston makes chess a mostly indoor activity for much of the year.

First, it's worth checking out the Houston Chess Club but that sounds a more formal than Joe is looking for.

Then there is the Houston Chess Meetup and our next meetup is April 21. I have vague plans to start attending the existing meetup and to start a new meetup on the west side of town now that I expect to have some free time on my hands.

There is also the T-House but I don't have any additional information since that old post.

Jim Liptrap maintains a list of places where people get together for casual chess in town. I think this may be what Joe is looking for.

If you know of places where chess players congregate in Houston please tell us about it in the comments.


My wife and I were having dinner this week at Café Pita+ when a couple of chess players came in and started playing a game. They were eventually joined by a third.

We've been Café Pita+ several times but never thought of it as a chessplaying venue, but the restaurant tolerated it quite well. It might not work so well at lunch as they tend to be crowded and busy then.
I have heard that on Friday evenings there are informal games at the Borders bookstore in Meyerland. Also in Bear Creek there are scholastic and adult tournamnets that start at 7PM at a McDonalds on Hwy 6. On Thurs evenings there are USCF round robin tournaments that start at 5:30 at the CyFair college on Barker Cypress Rd.
I was googling to see if there were any places where people are playing chess during their lunch break in downtown Houston and this post came back as a hit.

If there are any chess players in downtown Houston who play chess during lunch, it's not being advertised. So if anyone is interested, I'd suggest playing at Books a Million at Main & Polk ... from 11:30 to 12:30. Any takers?

Drop me a line at my blog if you are.
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