Friday, April 25, 2008


Welcome Likes Forests!

I have updated the official roll of the Knights Errant to include our newest Knight Likes Forests also known as The Endgame Tactician! A long time friend of the Knights with an excellent blog we are very glad to add him to our group.

Likes Forests is added to my navigation bar as Knights in the Heat of Battle and the Knights Errant FAQ nav bar is updated. Fellow Knights: please update your list of Knights. Note that if you are using this technique then your list of Knights has been updated for you automatically.

The list of Knights is sorted with a) the new Knight first, and then b) the other Knights in order of their most recent post. The ordering is not dynamic -- it is based on the dates on posts from this morning. Also note that two fellow knights that have not posted in two months have been dropped from the list (see the FAQ).

Please visit Likes Forests blog and give him a hearty welcome!


Thanks for the warm welcome, Glenn. One reason I've resisted joining the knights--even though I love chess and have been hanging out with the knights for years--is because I'm very independent and reject structure of any sort. But I know I need more structure and tactics in my training. And I need all the help I can get to stick to my daily study routine! If I can manage to do that, I'm confident I can take my game to the next level (and maybe I'll give you a run for your money someday at a tournament, heh!). We'll see in a year. ;)
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