Thursday, April 17, 2008


LEP Tourney

I have finished all of my games in the Liquid Egg Product Tournament and I think I finished in a tie for second with about half the field. Congratulations to drunknknite who won with an dominating performance.

All of my games in the event are here. My win against gorckat ultimately did not count as he withdrew from the tournament.

My game with Polly (ppwchess) is especially interesting for me but not for the objective chess content. Play over the game and watch the movements throughout the game of my minor pieces. My queen's bishop traveled c8-d7-c6-b7-c8! My queen's knight journeyed b8-c6-e7-g8! My king's bishop moved f8-g7-f8!

Thanks to our host and sponsor Liquid Egg Product. I buy all of my Liquid Egg Product from Donnie (and you should too!).


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