Saturday, March 08, 2008


Working Knights

Caquetio Knight has the pattern up for the drill King and Knight versus Queen. If the knight is on a blue square there is a square to place the queen that wins the knight. That is the meaning of the diagram, right?

Simple Knight ponders security versus activity.

Sir Augusto loses to a 10 year old (Fide Master Arthur Gontijo!).

Sir Miklos needs help with Chess Publisher.

Sir Nemo has games and tactics from the UNM Octagon and plans his assault on the Seven Circles with CT-ART.

Chessaholic gives us this glimpse into the soul of Kasparov: "The position, where the small pawns were victorious over the enemy, was so surprising that it seemed like a fairy tale and I was unable to live without chess after seeing it."

Retired Pawn tells us in Chess in Education Part V that "researchers report that playing chess reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease since the game keeps the brain active, and the practitioners’ of the game are 260 percent less likely to develop the malady".

Tacticus Maximus (that's me!) has been drilling tactics with Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors by Lou Hays. I'll resume my tactical studies with PCT in the near future.

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Dear Tacticus you are completely right. I've also noticed a flaw in my diagrams! I've missed 4 squares in the patern of king and rook against knight. Do you see them
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