Saturday, March 08, 2008


LEP Round 4

Ouch! Yeah, I know I played a provocative and unorthodox opening. But that is not what cost me this game. It was my 17th move. I was fixated on the need to attack my opponent's King and forgot what is more important than an attack on the wing: the center.

White to move

My opponent RLP played well. He kept up the pressure and put me away nicely after 17. a5?? moving his knight via e5 to the killer square d3. Oh well, live by the sword, die by the sword. The game is here.

I'm now 3-1 in the LEP tourney.

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Looks like the Wilson Gambit won't be in the pages of New In Chess next issue.
The Pirc, the King's Indian, the Najdorf, the Svesnikov were all considered unsound at one time. Besides, I had a perfectly reasonable position at move 17.
"First they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight with you, then you win." Mahatma Gandhi

Next step: choosing to ignore that you had a decent position at move 17. Nonetheless, I'm thinking of attempting a Wilson Gambit next opportunity in your honor (as long as the game doesn't involve too many rating points).

I should be back in Houston in a couple weeks, and look forward to some HCC action.
@liquideggproduct: Hmmm... Next opportunity? I think we're playing next week in your tournament. It would be ironic for you to play it against me.
Hmm, I didn't think this was the true Wilson Gambit, doesn't that go 2. b3? Anyway, a little background, I had visited Glenn's excellent openings archives awhile back, but didn't have a chance to bone up again before the game, I just remembered he had some special lines against the Centre Countre that involved Black getting waxed when he tried to hold the pawn--against a tactically-oriented Expert I just wanted to forget about winning a pawn, develop rapidly and be aggressive.

To be honest, during the game I thought 17. d4 still left me with some advantage but now that I've looked it over again I've gotta agree that White probably has an edge.
@warheit: Yes, I normally play 2. b3 for the true "Wilson Gambit" but 2. a3 or 2. h3 are in the same spirit and I also consider them "Wilson Gambits".

17. d4 would lead to a position I would like to play. I think the chances are probably about even. I can't believe I did not even consider it.
The time you proposed for the match should work fine. This will fulfill the third part of the Gandhi quote, where we fight.
@liquideggproduct: we fight, ... and then I win. :)

See ya tomorrow at 7pm Houston time.
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