Saturday, March 22, 2008


Chess Vision and Troyis

I find the posts on Chess Vision to be excellent for Chess improvement and recommend that you take a look. A recent post talks about the game Troyis which is both fun and great training for knight movements.

Troyis fits in with the philosophy of many of the Circles exercises. I am currently rated #6424 in the world with a high score of 165,800 as Tactics max. Not impressive, but can you beat that?


Thanks for the link - Troyis is fun! Made it to 209290 just before my first day's 15 minutes of free play expired.
-- Hank
Hank: it is fun. And I think it must be great practice for anyone looking to become more fluent with knight moves.
Very addictive game. I wrote about it here and posted a screen shot of my high score (371,240).
BDK: Your wrote about this in 2006? Cool. My current best score is now 376,740. I agree with your post that it would be great to have more such games that focus on different aspects of chess.
Hi Glenn, yes #1021 - 635,030 points is me. I've been using Troyis for the last couple weeks to try and improve my ability to see knight paths... and I feel it's been successful! I probably could score higher, but most games I stop at level 13/14 because I can't afford an RSI injury and higher levels require too much speed for the comfort of my wrists. I'm now focusing more on economy of movement (ie, deeper visualization so I revisit square less).
likesforest: That is awesome! And you stop on purpose around level 13/14 to avoid injury?

That reminds me of a quote from the movie American Gangster, (cambodia drug producer to Frank Lucas), "Quitting when you are ahead is not the same as quitting."

You must be moving quite a bit faster than me ... I may just try moving as fast I as can and see what develops...
The story about Troyis just was intended to demonstrate how the training of a complex motorskill works. The motorskills you learn with Troyis will not effect your play much, though. To get better at chess you must train complex motorskills. But the right motorskills. Before you can train those you must identify them first. Once identified, Troyis points the direction how they could be trained.
Wow you guys are kicking ass at the game. I was so proud of my score and likeforest basically doubled it!
"The motorskills you learn with Troyis will not effect your play much, though."

What I'm experiencing is a greater ease of play in the late middlegame when minor pieces do battle. Chores such as depriving enemy knights of advanced support points and finding safe squares for my king are now easier and my moves more precise.

I haven't seen much improvement in terms of spotting tactics faster or decomposing complex positions.
@tempo: I don't think that Troyis will improve my chess game or at least not much. But for one new to the game that is not yet fluent in moving the knight and seeing knight paths I think it can improve play.

@bdk: Yes, likesforest is awesome.
Man, I was just feeling good about getting into the league of BDK & Glenn (387,510) but Likesforests's score is unreal! And to be only 1000th in the world even with that score, I guess there's another pursuit at which I won't ever have to worry about reaching the pinnacle... :) -- Hank
220,000. I feel impotent.
Great Game!
Likesforests avesome! lol

I'm the 3779 with 241660

I'll play now everyday! =]
I think it will help in the game.

Thanks for sharing ;)
I found out why my wrists were sore. My mouse was too low! I moved it from the keyboard tray to the top of my desk, and no more pain. And yes, now I'm going past level 14. :)
Hi everyone. I can reach consistently level 16-17 and once I reached level 20.
It is very important the mouse you are using. I've played with 3 different ones and THERE IS difference.
Making some progress -- made it to the 14th level 7 times yesterday and finally crossed the threshold into level 15 once, breaking 600,000 for the first time.
I probably need a new mouse in order to progress much more though... -- Hank
hank and jordi: wow. I'm still stuck under 400,000 and level 12.
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