Saturday, February 23, 2008


Working Knights

A quick rundown of what the current Knights in the Heat of Battle have been up to lately:

Caquetio Knight has "started my training with step 1" and has the diagrams to prove it.

Simple Knight "In ... this" Ok my French translation is slow and bad, but he links to a nice tactical bird opening game that translates well.

Sir Copeland should be reminded that if "You break it, you bought it!"

Sir Miklos plays fill-n-the-blanks and is looking for advice on a pgn viewer applet for websites.

Sir Sparfy calls out Tempo for his "rudeness" but I think he really means me now that I am the Secretary Knight. So, Sir Sparfy, welcome aboard and I dub thee, uh, Sir Sparfy? Is dubbing part of my new responsibilities? Samurai and BDK just promised me power and glory. I need to review the FAQ.

Sir Nemo is talking upsets, chess and poker and says "SIT ON YOUR HANDS!" Is that advice for Poker or Chess? For Scotch fans, he has a nice mini on display.

Chessaholic laments the loss of Samurai and plans to buy a book on planning. But does he plan to read it?

Retired Pawn continues his excellent Chess in Education series with Part IV.


Best wishes with your new role as keeper of the Errant order.
Nice. I was always too lazy to do something like this. We seem to have a maniacal King of the Knights!
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