Sunday, February 10, 2008


Working Knights

A quick rundown of what the current Knights in the Heat of Battle have been up to lately:

Sir Augusto is testing out the King's Gambit and asking for opening suggestions.

Sir Copeland in his post Chess Software wants to create the perfect chess software when he is done with his studies, or maybe next weekend! Go tell him what you need your software to do.

Sir Miklos has a New Plan. Will it work?

Sir Nemo goes to Tactics Church for some good old fashioned GrandMaster preaching ... and plots for victory at the National Open.

Chessaholic reminds us in Heavy Hitters of an upcoming and important Super GM tournament.

The Retired Pawn has his highest PlayChess rating evah! Naturally, the Knights deserve all of the credit.

Tacticus Maximus just posted this. But scroll down and take a gander at my previous posts!



"Tactics Church" haha I like that. Mind if I use it in a future post?
@nemo: Feel free to use what you like.
Are you the new Secretary Knight, or is it still Samurai?
@Blue: please check your email.
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