Saturday, February 02, 2008


Working Knights

A quick rundown of what the current Knights in the Heat of Battle have been up to lately:

Samurai Knight our esteemed Secretary has been moving, and moving and moving again. We hope life settles down for him soon.

Sir Augusto beats a friend with a Sicilian. Check out move 19!

Sir Copeland updates his elo chart.

Sir Miklos is, in his own words, not dead yet.

Sir Sparfy needs to toughen up and stop feeling sorry for the poor, little enemy bishop.

Sir Nemo is on a massive winning streak and credits "repeating tactical exercises."

The Haunted Knight broke his drawing streak. That's the good news. The bad news ...

Chessaholic got a good position just playing logical moves.

The Retired Pawn continues his Chess in Education series.

Tacticus Maximus just posted this. But scroll down and take a gander at my previous post!


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