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Wacky Wednesday

I didn't get the memo and it is no longer Wednesday here in Houston -- missed it by that much! But anyway, I was just browsing a database of some of my blitz games at ICC looking for my shortest and most interesting losses. There's one where I just hang a piece....another that is an obvious mouse-slip...a known opening trap I fall into....hang the queen for a well known tactic...lose in seven moves in an opening I have arrogantly named after myself...another..oh wait!

Yeah, that's the ticket. Perhaps my "best" loss ever is a seven move mate in the Wilson Gambit!

GlennWilson (1544) - andredechen2 (1417) [B01]
ICC 5 0 Internet Chess Club, 08.06.2007
1.e4 d5 2.b3 dxe4 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Qe2 Bg4 5.Qb5+ Nc6 6.Qxb7 Nd4

7.Nb5 Nxc2#White checkmated 0-1

Even better (worse!) than Blunderprone? Can you top this? How low can you go?


That's okay we can have Thirsty Thursdays where people thirst for more of Wacky Wenesdays wicked fare.

That one ranks right up there with Blunder's masterpiece.
Going by pure ply. Mine was in a 1/2 ply quicker. Smothered mate versus a sweet Knight and Bishop mate. That one is pretty I must admit. One tends to play these games in the first few moves and assuems hte 2nd rank is covered. Normally, the Queen has that c2 square ... so its easy to over look. But since the Queen had been moved on a profitable greedy business trip... the home front was in peril.
I am so jealous! (OK, well maybe losing in 7 moves is not something to be jealous of.)

These quick checkmates tend to be aesthetic. Maybe it's because it's just unexpected, and everything has to be just right for the mate to happen.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything so good to post for Wacky Wednesday, but there will be something.
@blunderprone: I think we both deserve special recognition for these efforts.

@lep: I'm sure that with sufficient determination you too could produce such masterpieces.
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