Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Round 1: Tournament of LEPers

You can start by reading Polly's post and the post at Liquid Egg Product with this round's pairings. Tom vs. Polly was a wild sac-fest.

I played gorckat last night in our Round 1 encounter.

I am rated quite a bit higher but he had some chances and I was concerned for a while that my winning chances were small. The game was a Pirc and I inadvertently varied from my opening preparation because, well... some of the lines in the Pirc are hard to distinguish and trying to remember them is like I am in a "little maze of twisting passages, all different."

You can play through the game here with analysis courtesy of Fritz.

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Great finish. Seems like he was playing really well for being rated that low.

How can I participate in one of these tournaments? My FICS rating is 1692 and I would love to play against other chess bloggers.
Boy it's hard to root for anybody in the Tournament of Lepers since I like pretty much everybody's blogs... good game from the two of you. Congrats on the win Glenn.
@nemo: Yeah he was playing well enough to have me worried. I was never in danger of losing but I was in danger of not winning.

Visit Liquid Egg Product and if he has another after this one sign up -- or start one!

@chessaholic: thanks and I agree - lots of good blogs.
Nice game to run through. Another reminder that you can't simply look at the ratings and know what to expect.

@Nemo: There's been sufficient interest, and I will be holding another tournament after this one. The problem is that this one won't be finished for a couple months!

A list of bloggers with FICS accounts is here if you want to hit anyone up for a game.
Thanks for the compliments everyone :) I gave my all and really wanted to score an upset, but didn't have the oomph I needed.

I've got a few positions I took away as key, or notable on my blog now, as well.

A few lines I suggested in our post-mortem were dropped once I had a chance to bust them :P

Oh, and Glenn- I noticed I was in "Examine" mode the other night as I was pushing pieces. No idea how to make it a mutual thing to show ideas, but if I can figure it out, I'll post that up, as well.
Hello Knights. I'm currently doing the first step of the training. The Caquetio Knight
And there he was a new knight. I liked your game very much. Itís a system I like to play too. For someone with an ELO of 1465 he did play well, but not good enough. ?
By the way itís very interesting to see the fields that are dangerous when you have a King and a Rook against a Queen. You can even draw some conclusions which will make your life easier.
The move d5 was the first move that came to my mind when I saw the position after Bg4. Itís very dynamic and has to have more potential(?!). Worth analyzing!
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