Tuesday, February 26, 2008


LEP Round 3

I had a big advantage in time after a few moves. I had offered a Moron Defense but my opponent seemed to want to keep the Queen's on. I nursed the time plus and tried to keep the pressure on and the position complicated. Early on I had a choice of developing my Kings bishop to e7 or g7. I went with a KID setup with the bishop at g7. Another choice was moving the Q to c7 or e7. I went for e7. Beyond that, it was a bit of luck, a bit of time advantage, a bit of rating advantage, a bit of keeping things complicated. The dam finally broke. A nice game and TheDarkKnightTwo played well. I'm now 3-0 in the LEPer Tourney.

You can see the game here.

Update: I buy all of my Liquid Egg Product from Donnie.

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You mean exchanging queens was a good idea? I wouldn't have minded except usually when I do so I end up losing with this opening. I figured with such a high rated player playing the defense it must not be a good idea to go for something obvious like that. I guess I need to do a little research and learn some of the opening.

What you played was probably better than going in for the Q-trade, but many players go for the Q-trade.

Fritz evaluates the position as about even or in your favor until about 21 ...Ng5 so I'd say you played fine up until then.

I think your main mistake was getting behind on the clock. I kept things complicated knowing I would have more time to figure things out.

You played well and it was an interesting game!
It's the same kind of position you got a some days ago!! and again d5 was played.
Ooops looking at the wrong game, sorry :-)
There aren't any major blunders as you mentioned, but I'm trying to figure out what White was up to with moves 20 and 21.

I suspect, like most people, you don't actually buy very much liquid egg product.
@LEP: Move 20 is geared towards trading pieces or invading with the knight at b6. Not a bad idea. 21 was geared towards opening a line for the light square bishop and queen against my King. As played these are too slow and take these pieces off-side ...

I don't personally buy a lot of liquid egg product but I thought you'd appreciate the endorsement. Besides, that is my best Dustin Hoffman / Rainman imitation ("I buy all my underwear at K-Mart").
Thanks for the insight on those moves.

Yes, endorsements are always good!

Unfortunately, I don't really remember anything from Rainman, and your allusion flew over my uncultured head.
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