Saturday, February 02, 2008


Knights in the Heat of Battle

It is not that big of a deal but it can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge to keep the list of links of the current Knights in the Heat of Battle up to date. Knights come and go and when they do I eventually go to Blogger and edit my template and then republish my site. Wouldn't it be nice if you could always have a current list without needing to pay strict attention to the comings and goings of Knights and without having to edit your blog or template?

Now you can. To avoid having to edit my template when the list of Knights change I've created a javascript that can be referenced from any webpage and when it is updated that webpage automatically uses the newest Knights list without editing or republishing. If you would like to use this Knights javascript, just add the line:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
where you want the list to appear on your webpage.

That is how the Knights in the Heat of Battle list in my Knights Errant navigation bar is currently showing up, and just for demonstration purposes, here it is again:

I have viewed this with IE and FireFox 2 and both seem to work. There are disadvantages: it takes a bit longer to load the page and if javascript is disabled in the visitor's browser the list will be empty. And you are dependent on me keeping this script current (I'll try). If you try it and have any problems or if my list looks screwy in your browser, let me know.


Awesome, that's pretty convenient. Now, if I actually were a Knight, I'd actually use it. Still, it's nice of you to go through the trouble.
The trick will be in keeping it current. But that should be as easier than maintaining the list in my blogger template.
WCM Claudia Munoz
10-years old
What a great idea!
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